Friday, August 21, 2009

Cheetos, Cheetos, and more Cheetos!

Around here we call Jax the "Cheetos Monster" or "Cheetos Boy". If you even mention Cheetos, he runs to the fridge and points up to where we store our huge stash of Cheetos Puffs. I think if I put him down with a bag of Cheetos and left he would eat the whole bag!

Since Cheetos are his favorite things, we decided to celebrate his first birthday with a Cheetos party! The kids wore Cheetos shirts, dug in Cheetos to find prizes, wrote with Cheetos in pudding, on top of eating as many Cheetos Puffs as they could handle.

Here are a few pics from the day:

Another 6 months have past...

Again I have failed at blogging...

We are now in our new house and love it! We moved in the first week of July and are still working on hanging pictures and decorating but everyday it feels more and more like ours!

Jax is now officially 1 and has been walking for a month. He hates to wear shoes so most often you can find him bare foot and in a diaper! Some of his favorite activities are playing outside, with balls, and/or with his brother. He is a great sleeper unlike his big brother and we are so thankful for that!!

Kai will be 3 in a month and we are starting to plan his party. He has jumped from cars to trains and now back to cars again. He can play with his cars all day long! He also loves to watch movies and is beginning to really enjoy all the old Disney classics, particularly Pete's Dragon. Kai is also a 'big boy' now and no longer wears diapers-YEA!! He is becoming Zeb's shadow and often gets to tag along with Zeb to measure houses.

So that catches us up...I hope to be better about this in the future.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Flash forward to today...

It has been forever since I have updated my blog, I guess it is safe to say that I am not very good at this...This is an update of our lives:

We are still living at my parents and are beginning to look for other housing now that we are finished with our apartment in The Woodlands. We are ready to have our own space but will miss seeing Noni and Pop Pop everyday.

Kai is almost 2 1/2 and loves letters, he can name them all by sight and can say there sounds. He is still into Thomas the Train and is beginning to love playing ball. He likes to go with Zeb to play basketball and softball. We are really enjoying this age, he asks lots of questions and understands more and more each day. A few days ago he broke a key on our keyboard and while Zeb was trying to fix it Kai was singing "Bob the Builder, can we fix it...Bob the Builder, yes we can." The majority of his day he is either singing or jumping which keeps us on our toes! He is such a joy to be around!!

Jax is just a little over 6 months and is still huge (well huge compared to Kai)! He has started eating baby foods and loves to eat. He can sit up very well and is beginning to show interest in moving around. I don't know if I am ready to have two mobile children so I am hoping he is a little slower to learn how to crawl than Kai (he crawled at 6 months). He is a baby with many can't get two pictures the same of Jax. We often call him "Old man Bricker" b/c he sucks his lips in making him look like an old man with no teeth. Jax poops on the potty! For a while we were worried because Jax wasn't going to the restroom often enough and we could hear him trying to hold it in instead of just pushing it out, so one day I decided to just sit him on the toilet and low and behold he went! Strange but true, now he will only go on the toilet which is annoying right now but hopefully will be an advantage in the long run. He is such a sweet baby!

Well since I haven't written in a while I could probably go on and on but these are just a few updates for now...I hope I can be better at posting in the future!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Walk for Alzheimers

Today we walked a 5K for Alzheimers. We walked in memory of Zeb's grandmother, Barbara Weise, who passed away from the disease a few months after Kai was born. I know she is deeply missed by her family and we were honored to be able to walk in her memory and to help raise money to find a cure.

(Sorry about the poor formatting, I am still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New toy!

We ventured out to Target yesterday after eating for Jacque's birthday with my parents and my brother, Andrew, and Kai came home with a Ford powerwheels. He is spoiled by his Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jacque...Thanks you guys, he loves his truck!

We got home late but Kai had to try out his new toy before going to bed.
Thanks Uncle Andrew!!

Children's Museum

I took Kai to the Children's Museum recently and he had a blast! He played with the train table, painted pictures, beat on drums, went grocery shopping, etc. He asks to go back everyday, I think I am going to invest in a membership...

Looking up from the rocket ship.
My little Picasso

Beating the drums!
Playing the tambourines

Sunday, November 2, 2008


For Halloween this year we took Kai to the church where they had a fall festival. Kai played games and won candy. We didn't stay long though because Kai tends to get really shy in big crowds...I wonder where this trait comes from. We also took him to a few houses to trick or treat...he loved getting candy!

Pop Pop with Jax at the church
Throwing a ball into a hole for candy at the church
Kai the pirate, not cooperating for the camera
Jax the pumpkin